Call For Speakers 🎙️


I’m about to embark on a significant project, that will require some speakers. Now, as much as I have a little pulse one what’s happening on the speaker front, I’m more than positive that some are falling through my visibility crack for whatever reasons.
If you have a speaker in particular you like and / or you think might be apt or ready for more speaking opportunities, a mention in this post would be amazing. If you can, the following would help:

company (indie or not):
handle (ideally twitter, but whatever is best):
link to past talk(s) (if available):
why you’re fwd’ing this person:

Consider this a living doc, so add as you feel the need.
Thanks a mil and appreciate it.

Sia Karmalengos from Shopify is one of my favourite :slight_smile:

Can I self-promote myself? @verlok on X (formerly known as Twitter).
I’ve been speaking about How and Why to Improve Web Performance in 2023, and I’ve collected quite positive feedback.
The level of the talk is intermediate: not beginner, not advanced.

Thanks for the mention!

Sia Karamalegos
Shopify (website has all links)

:sweat_smile: Oh boy, I’ve got a lot of names I’d like to hear from—I’m just not sure how apt they are for more speaking…

:question: Can you share any more details about this project? Like is this a conference or something? Is it physical/virtual? Is it paid/volunteer? Are there particular topics or speakers/experience you’re looking for?

Happy to help, but would like some more details before I start nominating newer speakers. (I’ll pass this post along to them, though!)

In the meantime, if self-promotion is kosher then I’ll submit my name. :see_no_evil: