One Beginner's Journey into Web Performance


My name is Morgan. I am a self-taught web dev in the web performance area, working on topics and skills on weekends and spare time over some months.

I am about to post a bunch of links to my blog with a little commentary.

TLDR; Check out:

for information about how I test websites and what I recommend for free or freemium users likely beginners or experts at the same time could benefit from this advice I hope, its a summary of everything Ive learned in practical tools I use.

I first got really excited about testing in general working with Playwright:

Then I got interested in Lighthouse testing and several other tools run from my local machine on the command line:

Then I started to get a little more philosophical about why I was testing web performance, as well as growing my awareness of the tools:

Then I got even a little More philosophical about running tests, mainly a sort of artistic notion that the visuals of the test reports were visually fascinating:

I worked as a contractor briefly before finding a new role doing web development. In both that contracting work and at my new role web performance skills have been relevant and appreciated.


@morganmurrah This is fantastic, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go back and relive how I got into webperf.